The QueenQuilterEighteen is your best choice when considering a long arm quilter with
an eighteen inch open area for quilting
stitcher regulator to help you learn to control the stitches
Needle positioning up or down
A flexible lamp that provides lighting in the area you are working
Graceful smooth moving of the carriage and frame system for outstanding control
Large bobbin to reduce bobbin swaps
Easy grip moveable handles so you can adjust them for your comfort
wood frame
highest quality workmanship.

All this at a price that
can not be beat.
QueenQuilterEighteen shown here with a 5 foot frame which can be setup at 10 feet.  also QueenQuilterEighteen Sitdown model with table extened.
Imagine the quilts you can finish with one of these in your sewing room.
No more pinning all three layers
No more waiting in line for your quilt to be finished at the quilters
You will have full creativity over your finished quilt.
You will be able to finish all those quilt tops you have waiting to be quilted.

Make someone special in your life happy with this wonderful quilting machine at a wonderful price!!!